Thursday, July 27, 2017

"The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams

386162I read the entire series in printed form a few years ago, but this time I listened to it as a audio book which is narrated by Stephen Fry. Such a lovely way to spend the time going and coming from work each day, and the narration itself was top notch. It made the listening experience a pleasure, and really drew you into the story.

I adore Douglas Adam's witty sarcasm, and some of his characters, such as Marvin the depressed robot, is pure genius.

Perfect? Well no. But it was entertaining, and it was side splitting funny. I do believe that the audio version tops the printed form .. which feels like a act of blasphemy for me to say so.

As for some of the less savory bits ..

Douglas Adam was a atheist. I am a Christian. He made his atheism very well known during the duration of the book. Such things don't bother me per say, and I was even able to see the humor in it, but what did bother me to a certain extent was the way that several times throughout the book he belittles religion, and even mocks God. It's fine if you see yourself as a atheist, but can one who focuses so much time and energy on the subject, really say in all certainty that they don't even have the slightest doubt that maybe there is a God? And that that doubt nags them into their lashing out? I see no reason to mock something that one does not believe to exist.

Don't Panic

The words Don't Panic imply that quite possibly there is a reason that you would, in fact, be panicking. Could that reason be because planet Earth just happens to be in the way of the new hyperspace bypass plans, and therefore must go? That's the first of Arthur Dent's problems. Earths eradication sets off Arthur's wacky, utterly insane, and hold your sides laughable adventures through the galaxy.

Douglas Adams has a sharp, witty, sarcastic way of writing that makes for a very pleasurable read. Word of advice, that humor comes through so much nicer when read with a British accent. ;)

Rating : 4 Stars

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