Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Judgmental Much?

I was kindly informed by two co-workers today that I read too much. I waste too much money on books, and I definitely waste too much time reading books. Why thank you very much, you opened up my eyes and for the first time in my life I have realized just how pointless it all is. Not. They on the other hand are much too busy to read. Funny how the people who claim to be 'too busy' to enjoy the amazingness that is reading, typically have time to spare for television and Facebook. Don't projectile your vomit all over me.

                         Go for the jugular attack bunny!
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I try to be mindful of other peoples reading choices, and tastes, and I try to respect the fact that not everyone is a reader. Why then is it okay to so openly tell someone that they are basically wasting their life by reading books? When did that become acceptable? Reading acts not only as a source of entertainment for me, but it relaxes me and lets me escape from reality and life for a time. Maybe they should give it a try, it could possibly help with that uptight attitude that they are experiencing.


  1. You're actually wasting your time talking to them...think of how many pages of your time they took up!

  2. Heaven would be being allowed to listen to audio books while at work. Tune them out, absorb even more books. I may have to discuss this with my manager and see what she thinks on the subject ... ;)

    My thoughts exactly, Beth!

  3. Do it, Rachel!!