Monday, July 13, 2015

Book Review of "Nil" by Lynne Matson

This is another book being shelved on my did not finish shelf, but at least I gave this one a better chance to prove itself before I pulled the plug on it. I got over a hundred pages in this time ... I wish that I hadn't spent so much time reading this one, but you know, it was late and I was too lazy to get out of bed to retrieve a different book and opted instead to just read this one until I was tired enough to fall asleep. Bad decision.

The synopsis is that teenagers are waking up on a uncharted island with no memory of how they got there. It is a game of sorts. They are given 365 days to escape or they will die.

The conclusion?

The writing was pretty poor to start things off. Mindless teenage drivel. The plot sounded promising, possibly like one of my favorite television series Lost perhaps? Yeah, no. The entire plot was centered around a pathetic relationship that completely overshadows everything else. There really is no sense of fear, sense of survival, sense of urgency. Other then a once daily attempt of escape they are living the life of leisure on this beautiful tropical island. Going surfing, playing volleyball on the beach, having bonfires. Everything is so conveniently handed to them. Instead of the goal being to escape the island, they seem to focus more on enjoying themselves and maintaining a relationship.


My Rating: 1.5 Stars - Did not finish

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