Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Introducing The Newest Member Of My Family

I did it, I purchased a third bookshelf for my library. I bought it after work today, went home, promptly assembled it, and tore my library apart while re-arranging furniture, cleaning, dusting, and organizing books. It is still a mess, I still have books to sort through, I still have books arriving that will cause chaos in my shelf display and require all books being re-organized once again, but it is lovely. The room really does look wonderful in its new arrangement, and the three shelves now create a 'wall of books' affect that I am absolutely loving! And the best part? I now have so much empty shelf space for future books!

I will update shortly with a shelfie and a library tour via pictures, but I am holding off on that until the rest of my books have arrived through the mail. *Pssst* I believe that two orders will be arriving tomorrow, so stay tuned for a book haul as well.

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