Friday, July 31, 2015

Book Unhaul

Today I brought you a book haul, and today I will also be bringing you a book unhaul.

I recently bought five hardcover editions of Harry Potter to replace the five paperback editions that I had in my collection (my collection consisted of five paperback editions and two hardcover editions).  These are the five paperback editions that I will be unhauling.

I will also be unhauling my paperback edition of "Cinder' by Marissa Meyer. I recently bought the rest of the books in the series in hardcover editions so me having the issues that I have, I had to purchase Cinder in a hardcover edition so that they would match.

So this isn't necessary a "I don't like these books" kind of unhaul, but rather a "I have issues and I need my books to match" kind of unhaul.

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