Monday, July 13, 2015

Cleaning House - Literally And Figuratively

After all of the disappointments that I have been experiencing with books recently I decided that I was going to be a little more selective about the books that I choose to not only read, but also own.

I went on my Goodreads account earlier today and took a good long look at my to read shelf featured on there. It exceeded three hundred books. I went through these titles and deleted books from that shelf that I own since I mainly use my Goodreads to read shelf as a way to keep track of titles that I don't own and am interested in reading. I was also very selective about the books that I do wish to read, so I looked at ratings and reviews, read the book descriptions and was able to really narrow it down that way. I am happy to say that my to read shelf is now at a more manageable ninety some books. That's not to say that my TBR is now only at ninety some books, since I do after all have owned books to read yet, but at least my Goodreads account looks a little better in that area. Out of sight out of mind.

I have also been cleaning, re-arranging, and re-organizing my library after installing a third bookshelf last week. It is coming along nicely despite the difficulties of arranging the books knowing that there are yet more books to arrive in the mail. As I have been doing this I have also been weeding some books out of my collection. I currently have twenty eight books to take into Half Price Books the next time that I go there. Not especially nice books, but these are books that have sitting unread on my bookshelves for quite a while now. If I don't feel as if it is something that I will read then I really don't wish to own it.

And lastly, remember me having said something along the lines of having seventeen library books to read? I went through those too! I really narrowed it down! I peeked at them, I went on Goodreads and read the ratings and reviews, and came to a decision on which ones I was going to return unread and which ones I was going to hang onto for a little while longer. Now, I usually try to come to my own decisions when it comes to books, after all something that I may enjoy someone else may hate. But with so many books to read at the moment I felt like being picky was a little easier to do then normally. Plus my Goodreads people don't usually steer me wrong, so I felt inclined to take their word for it. I am now down to seven library books, only because some of the titles (two) that I had checked out to read I now own, so I will just read my own editions.

I have a weird sense of relief at the moment. Mr. Bean can better demonstrate the feeling then words alone ...


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