Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Book Unhaul July 2015

I have featured plently of book hauls here on my blog, but never have I featured a book unhaul before now. I have been re-arranging, re-organizing, and cleaning my library. Bookshelves have been added, bookshelves have been re-arranged. Books have been re-organized on those bookshelves, and books have been eliminated. Some editions have been replaced with better editions, but a lot of them are just books that I took a good long look at and decided that these were books that I just didn't have a large desire to read. I may own a lot of books, but I have never had the desire to just own books for the sake of owning books. All of the books in my library are ones that I have either read, or want to read (even more so now that I cleaned it out). This unhaul comes to the amount of twenty eight books with more possibly to follow. I have too many books to go through them one by one in this particular unhaul and discuss why I have decided to get rid of them, but in my future, and smaller, book unhauls I will be sure to do so.

I will have family go through this box and pick out anything that they desire to read, or own, and the rest will be heading off to Half Price Books to fund my book addiction. These books are a little more beat up however, so I don't really expect much of a return on them.

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