Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Bookmark

I recently realized that I missed out on one very bookish concept, the Bookmark. I do not own any other then the two that my sister in law made for me this past Christmas. A lot of my books have the silk bookmark built right in, and the ones that don't I tend to just use whatever is handy to mark my place, such as a scrap of paper or perhaps even a free bookmark gotten from the front counter at the library. But why? There are so many beautiful bookmarks out there, I don't need to live this way! I don't have to read my books like a unsophisticated savage. I will, first of all, dig out my handmade bookmarks given to me by my sister in law which had gone forgotten until now *looks sheepish* and begin using those, and I may also even take a peek at the bookmarks the next time that I am at Half Price Books, or Barnes and Noble.

Do you own, or perhaps even collect, any unusual or special bookmarks?


  1. I am guilty of using whatever is at hand...a letter, a bill, a coupon, bits of paper. But I do use bookmarks on my nightstand. The two Lydia gave me and a magnet like one that Denise gave me.

  2. Guilty as charged. I have been known to use a paycheck in a pinch ... I just have to make sure that I remember to take it out, especially if it is a library book ... it may be direct deposit, but we don't need the whole world to know my income and private information. 0_o