Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Read The Book First, Or Watch The Movie First?

Do you avoid watching a movie until you have had the chance to read the book that it is based on? Or do you consume whichever you happen to come across first? Do you compare the film adaptations to the book, or view them entirely separately?

I will always opt to read a book first before seeing the movie version. However if I am being completely honest here then I must admit that I have actually discovered many books because of first seeing the movie. It didn't ruin the reading experience for me, but it would of been more of a adventure going in if I hadn't seen the movie first, then again I wouldn't of known about the book without first seeing the movie ... we can go around and around on this one.

Yes, I do compare. I find that I will usually enjoy a movie more if I have not read the book first, just because there are then no disappointments. You can't be disappointed that they left something out, or changed something in the plot, when you don't actually know that there is something missing in the first place. However, I enjoy the activity of reading over the viewing of a film so the book will always win. I love movies, but I just love books more.

Books first, movie last ... if it can be helped.

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