Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Book Review of "In The Woods" by Tana French


I started to read "In The Woods" by Tana French roughly four days ago, and I very quickly realized that this book just was not grabbing my attention. Four days of reading and I was still only on page 77 of a 429 paged book, that is not normal for me. I am uncertain why I felt this way about this book. To be honest, my first disappointment was in the genre itself. I thought that what I was picking up was a horror/supernatural suspense novel, but what it actually was was a typical crime thriller. The book summary was misleading to say the least. The other disappointment? The writing. It was not bad writing, just ... a dull style of writing. Uneventful, slow, not exciting. I never felt like it was difficult to set this book down and just walk away, hence the slow reading pace. I really did not want to waste anymore of my time on this one, so I skipped. Yes, I skipped. The big 'reveal' was unsurprising to say the least, and very robotic in its manner of portray. I feel like I got enough out of this book just by reading the very beginning, and the very end. Not how a book is intended to be read, but the manner in which some books just are.

My Rating : **

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