Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Most Important Aspect Of A Book - The Plot Line *Shush* No Spoilers Please

What happens when a anticipated book comes out and you could bloody well swear that people set out on a mission to duel out spoilers left and right? Do you go into hiding upon the book release date, avoiding not only people, but also all online contact and other media sources until after you have finished the book? Heaven forbids that a spoiler does reach your ears despite your best efforts to avoid it, what do you do? Do you react in a fit of rage, not only endangering the jerk that ruined all chance at happiness, but also endangering yourself in the process, ultimately ending up in either prison or a mental asylum, depending on which course your reaction takes you? Or are you a little more mild mannered, one quick smack as punishment and then read the book anyway, enjoying it but regretting the surprise that was stolen from you? Or, and this is assuming that you are not human, do you just shrug and have a robotic disposition towards it all?

Have you ever had a book that you have not previously read, spoiled? Did you forgo it after hearing the spoiler, or did you read it anyway despite it? Did you ever give away spoilers on a book? If so, shame on you, shaaaaaame on you. 

The last two Harry Potter books in the series were so widely broad-cast, and everyone was discussing them, that spoilers were almost certain to happen. I read them as quickly as I possibly could just to avoid it. And I was right to worry too. As soon as it was discovered that a major character dies in book six, everyone, including non Harry Potter fans, were jumping on the spoiler wagon to spread the word of who it was, and how it happened. Apparently when a book is as big as Harry Potter, it is not only deemed appropriate, but also funny to blurt out the spoilers.
I will read a book despite a spoiler, but if it can be avoided it will be avoided. It dampers my reading experience to a certain degree, but I can still salvage it. And yes, I have had books spoiled for me before, but thankfully most people have the decency to contain themselves. If you can't hold it in, maybe you should try diapers. I know that a lot of people won't even read book descriptions, fearing that it will give away too much of the plot line. I won't read a book without reading the description first. I don't like going into a book blind and not knowing what to expect. The description is the one thing that makes or breaks it for me. Nobody wants to waste time or money on a book that doesn't grab their interest.

*Shuu* Describe a book, don't ruin a book.

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