Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Week Of Calling It Quits

I am slowly but surely making my way through my ginormous stack of library books (did I mention that I got five more books from the library today? Because I totally did) and I am hitting a few right now that I started to read, but shortly after called it quits. Two books this week made it onto my did not finish list of shame. I started "Zoo" by James Patterson last night. This was my first attempt at a James Patterson book, never having read any of his works previously. I detested it. The synopsis tugged at my curiosity but I just couldn't force it down. The second book was one that I also started last night, immediately following my rejection of "Zoo". This was "Finders Keepers" by Stephen King. While not a favorite author of mine, I do admit to having read, and even enjoyed some of his books. I read eighty pages into this one before I gave up on it. I just wasn't feeling it ...

With so many books awaiting to be read I don't feel badly about giving up on those that aren't catching, and holding, my attention.


  1. I need to figure out how to attain this ability of not finishing books if I absolutely do not like them!

  2. You are reading a book that you are not enjoying, now imagine all of the unread books out there just waiting for you to pick them up ... it won't be quite so difficult to call it quits after this! Seriously though, I used to have the same problem with the need to finish a book once I started it. More then not I wished that I had just walked away from it, while I never once regretted not having finished a book. Too many good books out there to waste your time on one that you aren't enjoying!