Saturday, July 18, 2015

Shelfie Of July 2015

As promised, here are some updated Sheflie pictures for the month of July. A lot of changes have been made since my last shelfie was posted. Most notably I have added a third bookshelf to my library, which at the moment doesn't contain a large quantity of books but knowing me, that soon will not be a issue. I moved all of my bookshelves over to accommodate this third bookshelf, which means that all bookshelves also received a re-organization. I also purged a lot of books from my library while sorting through them, and I added a large quantity of books to it as well over the last few weeks.

Guys, I also did a book count for you! In physical books I own 239 books compared to my last book count of 219 back in March. A lot of my books from the Barnes and Noble leather bound collection are combinations of several books in one, so if counting these I actually own over 282 books.

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