Saturday, March 21, 2015

Counting my blessings

While taking photographs of my bookshelves today, I became curious as to just how many books I own to date. I decided to count them. I have 219 physical books, but many of my books consist of multiple novels in one, so if bringing that into consideration I actually own over 288 books total.

I am always adding to my collection, and my dream is to someday have floor to ceiling, book filled bookshelves, lining the walls.

While not a huge fan of the multiple novel books, preferring to have my books as singular novels, I did fall in love with the Barnes and Noble multiple novel leather bound editions and have slowly purchased most of them through the years. Such beautifully crafted editions for reasonable prices. Barnes and Noble
I will purchase novels as singular copies when I find editions that I wish to own, so I do own multiple copies of the same book.

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