Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I highly recommend Goodreads to any, and all types of readers. Goodreads is like a virtual bookshelf. You have your shelf for "read" books (this feature is great since I can now view not only when I read a certain book, but how long it took me to read it. And I can also see how many books I read in a year), You have your shelf for books that you are currently reading, and your shelf for your want to read books (mine easily consists of over one hundred different titles). You can also create custom bookshelves. You can rate and review books, as well as read other Goodreads members reviews (I find it all too easy to lose all track of time when I wander over to the review section. As I have mentioned before, I find other people's opinions on books completely engrossing). I also find the book recommendations very helpful and insightful. I have discovered new titles and authors through this feature. The yearly reading challenge option is fun, while also encouraging you to read more. You set your goal of how many books you would like to try to read for the year, and try to meet that goal by the end of the year. There are also groups that you can join and interact with. But one of my absolute favorite features is being able to add friends and family, and being able to see what they are reading, and what their opinions are on books that they either have read or are reading.


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