Friday, March 20, 2015

Organization and alphabetization

How do you arrange your bookshelf/bookshelves? Do you alphabetize according to author, genre, or subject? Do you organize them based on color and/or size of the books?

Surprisingly, considering that I am not only a perfectionist, but am also OCD on certain subjects, I arrange my books in what can only be seen as chaotic by a outsider. I try to alphabetize according to author and genre, but the OCD me wants to arrange by size and color as well. The perfectionist me can't stand to have mismatched shelves, with tall and short books married in a hideous and unnatural union. All books stand upright, with spines facing outward and evenly. But ask me to locate a book, and I can do so, both quickly and efficiently.


  1. My shelves are a mess! But I do group my books by topic. The majority of books on my shelves are non-fiction.

  2. I try to do the same, generally speaking. Typical fiction on one bookcase, while fantasy and science fiction reside on the other bookcase. My perfectionist self, and my OCD self, are consistently raging war on one another. Bring one new book home and I am suddenly rearranging my entire bookcase around it.