Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My failed attempt at joining a book club

I failed at my attempt of joining a local book club. A book club has many perks, one of which is introducing the reader to different genres that they might possibly not otherwise read, and which they might realize that they actually enjoy. That reader may of never tried that certain book, in that certain genre, without that little push. The other perk is being able to get together with other readers in order to discuss the current pick. I loved that aspect of our local book club. I find it interesting to hear other peoples opinions and thoughts when it comes to books, and getting to really break the book down and fully absorb and digest it. Books speak uniquely to their readers.

I failed at being a good little member of the book club because I don't like being told what to read. At this point of my reading life I know what I like, and what I don't like, when it comes to my books. I have a wide range of genres that I read, but I am really picky about what books I do read in those genres. I am a self proclaimed book snob. I admit it. Book snob, right here ladies and gentlemen. Being in a book club and being made to read each monthly pick, makes me feel like I am being assigned a book report on a book that I have absolutely no interest in reading. It wouldn't of been such a daunting task for me if the reads weren't repeatedly what I consider to be fluff reads, and were instead some of the more typical book club classic choices. Hand me a heavy classic and I will gleefully read it, but hand me a fluff novel and you will meet resistance on my part.

Book clubs are wonderful, for all of the reasons that I listed above and more, but I'm apparently too stubborn and snobbish to benefit from one.

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