Sunday, March 22, 2015

Deciding what to read next

When you finish reading a book, how do you decide what to read next? It is a very complicated process. Do you want to read the same genre that you just finished reading, or move on to a different genre? If you just read a large, make you think, kind of classic, do you go on to the next classic, or do you need to give your brain a rest with a light fluff read in between? If you are reading a series, do you do a book marathon and read them back to back, or do you need a break from the series and read other books as you go, as well?

I really don't think that I have a go to plan on this subject. I just do what feels right. If I am reading a series, I will read the series straight through before reading anything else (for instance, I am currently reading the Sherlock Holmes series). Genre depends entirely on what my mood is. If I just finished reading a book from the fiction genre, I may read more from this genre after finishing the current read, or I may decide to read a completely different genre, such as, horror or fantasy. Sometimes I already have the next read picked out while I am currently reading another book, and it has nothing to do with genre but rather with my desire to read a particular book. And I typically read classics back to back. Classics consist mainly of what I read (remember I mentioned a few times previously that I am a book snob?), preferring them over newer, more modern books (don't get me wrong, there are some very well written books being published these days, they are just few and far between). I am not much of a fluff reader, and fluff reads actually makes my brain melt more then the act of just reading classics straight through without a lighter read here and there to break it up.

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