Saturday, April 11, 2015

My Goodreads Reading Challenge

Earlier today, while updating my Goodreads, I became aware that I have now slipped five books behind schedule in my Goodreads reading challenge. I set my challenge at the goal of reading sixty five books for the year of 2015, and have now to date only read twelve of that sixty five. While not a impressive number, I do tend to read mainly classics ... those thicker, smaller print, more tedious reads. I have no doubt in my mind that I could double my numbers by reading less of the classics, but that brings me to my question. Should you read books, just to increase your reading quota?

I have a impressive to read list on the classics, should I really bypass those books that I am eager to read, just to get caught up on a reading challenge? Forego the classics in favor of less appealing, but easier to read, modern books? I rarely read a modern book that leaves something with me, like the classics do. In fact I became so disgusted with them last year that I called it quits, and started to read only from my personal library of classics. I have not looked back, and I have not yet seen a newly released book that has sparked my interest. I doubt that I will run out of material from my personal collection either. Trying to read all of the books in my library truly is the metaphor of Pursuing the White Whale, as I not only own a large number of books, but I am always adding new ones to it. That's not to say that good books aren't being written today. They are just very hard to find.

The Classics may bog down my reading quota, but I get so much more from my reading experience.

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