Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hardcover Vs. Paperback

Do you prefer reading a book in hardcover form, or in paperback form? And when collecting or purchasing books do you ultimately desire to own hardcovers, or paperbacks?

I don't really have a preference when reading a book, as far as it being a hardcover or a paperback. Paperbacks are light weight, therefore typically a little easier, and a little more comfortable, to read, but nothing compares to reading a finely crafted leather bound hardcover. They both have their advantages and disadvantages.

As far as collecting books, or my book purchases go, it is definitely hardcover. There isn't even a competition between the two. I can understand why people purchase and own paperbacks, as they are cheaper. Especially people who aren't exactly *cough* choosy *cough* about the books that they choose to own. I however, am choosy, picky, and snobbish, all rolled into one little ball of crazy. For starters, I just do not like how the paperbacks look. There are some really pretty paperback cover designs, but on the shelf they all just tend to look alike. I also do not like how paperbacks just were not designed to last. They fray, they tear, their spines crack and show noticeable wear. They do not hold re-sell value either. I do own some paperbacks, but am slowly trying to replace them with hardcovers. Some don't seem to be feasibly replaceable at this time in a hardcover version however, some of them probably never will be replaced due to the rarity of the hardcover editions, and some I don't like enough to want to replace. Now, I prefer hardcovers over paperbacks, but what I really prefer over the two are leather bound books. They look gorgeous on the shelves, finely crafted so you know that they will last through the test of time, they hold their re-sell value, and overall they are just a joy to own, collect, handle, and read. A lot of people will object that they can't afford to purchase these editions, but honestly, most of mine are second hand. Second hand they typically cost about the price of a new hardcover or paperback, sometimes even less. Other people aren't as serious about the books that they own and purchase, so see these as a unnecessary expense. And to those readers, that very well might be.

The world is full of paperback enthusiasts, as well as hardcover enthusiasts. Which are you?


  1. I like reading paperbacks best. But not the little paperbacks...the shiny, glossy oversized paperbacks.

    1. Yes, those are nice to read. They seem to just fall open to the page that you are currently on.