Sunday, April 12, 2015

Book Lust

The first thing is to admit that you have a problem, and I do not have a problem.

I may, or I may not, have been going book shopping once every week so far this month. My eyes bugging out as I desperately dash around from first Half Price Books, and then later Barnes and Noble on the way home. Possibly hyperventilating along the way. I may, or I may not, have gone home feeling defeated because I only found two books, rather then my preferred stack. I may, or I may not, have been seen salivating over a book that was a little out of my price range, talked myself out of it, left the store feeling okay with my decision, turned the car back around and dashed in and bought it anyway. I may, or I may not, have bypassed those Barnes and Noble collectible leather bound editions because I had already spent so much money at Half Price Books, and then continued to think about them until it nearly drives me mad with frustration and book lust  ...

I may, or I may not, have done all of the above, and am also currently thinking about those Barnes and Noble collectible leather bound editions at this very minute ...

I am thinking about those Barnes and Noble collectible leather bound editions.

Is there something wrong when you want a book, and you can't stop thinking about it until you have it in your hands? Is that bad? Is it bad that I am thinking about going back to Barnes and Noble later this week to get those Barnes and Noble collectible leather bound editions that I bypassed last week? And heck, since I will be right there I may as well go back to Half Price Books too, huh? Let's just realize that I will have no peace of mind until said books are in my possession, so I am doing this for my health, right?

I am a collector. Books are my passion, and books are what drives me.


  1. You need to check out Goodwill, Salvation Army, garage sales, and library book sales. While those gems are few and far between, the hunt makes the kill even better, especially when it is 25 or 50 cents!

  2. I always keep my eyes peeled for books, and do go to garage sales and library book sales when possible, but to be honest I just don't find anything worthwhile. I am extremely picky about the books that I choose to own, both title wise and psychical book, so it is really rare to find ones that I am excited about. I do not wish to own paperbacks, and I really don't own, nor wish to own, modern titles, so my pickings are very slim. I find very good deals through Half Price Books on used books. That's where all of my Easton Press, Franklin Library, and Folio books come from. I wouldn't buy any of those new, too expensive for my taste. And through Barnes and Noble I only purchase the leather bound collectible editions, and those are quality for the price of a typical new book.

    1. Yes, at thrift stores and such they truly are few and far between. I did see a few classics at Salvation Army the last time I was in, though the conditions weren't great. Do you check out at all? I'm a collector of Amy's cute clothes...I get that same rush when I spot an adorable outfit for her! ;)

    2. I have checked on e-bay and Abe Books, and although I may be able to find titles that I am looking for through these two sites, typically the price range is about the same, if not slightly more.