Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cleaning, Purging, and Organizing The Bookshelves

I have made several new book purchases these past few weeks, so over the weekend I took it upon myself to empty out my bookshelves, and give the bookshelves and all of the books a good wiping down. During this process I also came across several books that I was willing to get rid of. That's where the purging came into place. I had a few duplicate copies, and although I still do own a select few duplicates, I was able to narrow it down and let go of some of them. I also decided that I owned some books that I just wasn't interested in reading, and doubted if I ever would read them, so they went into the purge pile too. And last, but not least, I had replaced some titles with nicer copies during this month, so I added these not so nice copies to the pile too. My purge pile was suddenly amounting to thirty five plus books. Now I didn't purge my shelves with the intention of downsizing my book collection, or in order to make more room for new books, as I love having large amounts of books surrounding me. No, I purged because I am also extremely picky about which books I choose to own. I don't just want to own books, for the sake of owning books. My collection contains either books that I have read and love, or books that I want to read. If I can't imagine myself ever actually wanting to pick a book up, and read it, then it's not going to stay on my bookshelf. So although my library now suddenly feels more bare, I was able to reorganize my shelves, and I feel more satisfied with the end results.

Now to build my library back up ...

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