Saturday, April 25, 2015

New Books Vs. Used Books

I just discussed the hardcover vs. paperback debate, so I thought that this was the perfect time to also discuss the new books vs. used books debate.

Do you prefer reading and owing new books, or used books?

There is something so magical about a new book, being the first person to open that book up, the first person to read the printed words on those pages. And the smell, oh the smell of a newly printed book is so delicious. A new book and you have a special relationship.

But there is also something special about a used book. They whisper the secrets of their past lives to you. They have history. Their covers and pages sometimes show traces of their previous owners, covers caressed by one, or many a reader, pages lovingly turned as their words were eagerly taken in. Sometimes those pages being worn to a softness by the frequent times that it had been read.

I think that ultimately, I do enjoy owning and reading new books over used, but I am not prejudiced against used books, and a large part of my library is made up of them. Used books also happen to be cheaper books after all!

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