Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Authors That I Want To Explore In 2016

The year 2015 went too quickly, and I was unable to read all of the books that I desired to read. I also have a ever expanding list of authors that I wish to explore. With that, this is a list of the authors that I wish to read during the year 2016. All of them are authors that I have not previously read, all of them are books that I purchased throughout 2015.

George R.R. Martian | A Song of Fire and Ice - I actually had these book on my bookshelves as a teenager, but I never read any of them. I have seen the television show, and now the desire to read them has returned. I own books one through five (all published ones currently in the series). 
Brandon Sanderson - Sanderson is considered the king of fantasy, and I cannot believe that I have never read any of his books. I own a lot of his works, and I desire to make my way through them all during the course of 2016.
Patrick Rothfuss | The Kingkiller Chronicles - I hear so many good things about this author and plans are underway to read the two books that he currently has published in this trilogy, both of which I own.
Robin Hobb - I own the first book in her Farseer Trilogy, and if I enjoy her as a author I desire to purchase and read more of her books.
Michael J. Sullivan | The Riyria Revelations - I own the first volume in this series.
Diana Gabaldon | Outlander - I own the first book in this series and I am really curious to give it a try.
Miles Cameron | The Traitor Son Cycle - I own the first book in this trilogy.
Brent Weeks | Night Angel - I actually own all three books in this trilogy.
John Gwynne | The Faithful and the Fallen - I own book one in this series.
Mark Lawrence | The Broken Empire - I own book one in this trilogy.
Anthony Ryan | Raven's Shadow - I own books one and two in this trilogy.
Scott Lynch | Gentlemen Bastard - I own book one in this series.

2016 is going to be a good year of reading!

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