Friday, November 13, 2015

Brick Books

I saw this art project on Pinterest last year and spent several months leading up to Christmas making many of these to give away as gifts to family members. I got some odd looks when I told co-workers that I was making brick books as Christmas gifts and had to explain several times what exactly a brick book was. A brick painted to resemble a book. Well, what does one do with a brick book? You can arrange them on a porch or deck, you can place them in a garden or flower bed, you can line your walkway with a outdoor library. Brick books are awesome. Now the ones that I saw were a little less detailed then the ones that I ended up painting, mine were designated to be presents so a little more time went into the detailing. These two featured in the pictures are the two that I recently made my mom for her birthday. My mom is a author and these are actual titles from her own published books. How many people own brick book versions of their books?!
I used to sell these painted brick books through a local greenhouse but the profits weren't justifying the time that I was putting into them.

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