Monday, November 16, 2015

Goodreads Stat Page - A Brief Entertainment

I aimlessly wandered over to the stat page on Goodreads, first out of boredom but then I stayed out of sheer amazement. Apparently some people's long time goals in life are to make it onto the stat page of Goodreads.

Top 50 Users This Week
People who added the most books on Goodreads this week
Beiza added 8,639 books this week, and has 49, 324 books on their shelf.
More modestly is Liz Swan at the bottom of the stat page with 814 books added this week.
Good job everybody, you earned that top 50 users badge. I just hope that you didn't also develop carpal tunnel syndrome from all of that clicking.

Top 50 Readers This Week
People who read the most books on Goodreads this week
Kelli read 493 books this week, and even more astounding is the 4987 books that she has read for the entire year.
At the bottom of the list is Nyrmita Rivera with 54 books for the week.
These people are putting my reading to shame. I am truly impressed.

Top 100 Reviewers This Week
People with the most reviews on Goodreads this week
Kat Stark has written 465 book reviews this week. At the bottom of this list we have Rachel with 32 written book reviews.
Most Popular 100 Reviewers This Week
People who wrote reviews that got the most votes on Goodreads this week
Jesse with 1299 votes.
When your book reviews typically consist of one sentence fan-girl gushing do you really deserve to have the title of most popular reviewer? This is a on going theme with the BookTuber's on Goodreads. They have a large fan base because of their BookTube videos, so they simply have to post a book review of "Me likely a lot" and that review suddenly receives hundreds of likes by these fans of theirs. It's a little ridiculous. We do have a lot of well deserving book reviewers mixed in with these not so deserving ones. The people want what the people want.

Top 50 Reviews This Week
The most popular reviews on Goodreads this week
Jesse's review of "IDK WHAT TO SAY OTHER THEN I LOVED IT. IT WAS SO GOOD. GO READ IT IF YOU HAVEN'T" ... Yes, because that book review was both well written, and thought out!

Ah well, it briefly entertained me.

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