Friday, November 20, 2015

Snow Day

Iowans are now officially in the midst of winter. With Thanksgiving not even yet upon us we are currently under a winter storm warning, nine to twelve inches of snow in the forecast (we just happen to be in the path of the heaviest band of snow), several inches already on the ground and still more falling. It will continue to snow through the night and into Saturday. It started to snow earlier this afternoon while I was on my lunch break at work. I watched in wonder as the very fine snowflakes begin to drift downwards, melting soon after touching the ground. By the time that I got off of my work shift and prepared to head home those very fine snowflakes had developed into the large, soft, and lazy snowflakes that seem to just float downwards before coming to rest on the nearest surface with a gentle caress and a soft whisper of a sigh. The green grass from earlier today was no more, instead a clean blanket of white had been draped over it. After the somewhat nerve wrecking trek home I was able to just relax and enjoy it for what it is. I have the entire weekend off with no need to leave my house tomorrow, and other then the shoveling that will be happening tomorrow, no responsibilities. And there is something magical about that first snowfall. The dramatic transformation, the quiet and stillness surrounding it all, the fresh and crisp air, the soft crunch of snow beneath your shoes, and the soft snowflakes settling all around you as they lazily drift downwards. Snow days also seem to get my creativeness flowing. Whether that just involves reading books, or something more along the lines of drawing, painting, or crocheting. Winter is a time to enjoy the simple things. Home comforts, or just the activity of playing in the snow with ones dogs (which they loved by the way, but I wonder how they will feel about it in three or more months from now?).

Snow days aren't always bad.

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