Thursday, May 14, 2015

Barnes and Noble is Having a Sale!

Keep calm, breath, now ... RUN, don't walk! Barnes and Noble is currently having a sale, now through June 21st, on their collectible leather bound editions. Buy one get one half off. If you have been lusting after these editions, if you have been considering purchasing one or more, if there are some titles that you have yet to own, now is the time to buy! I discovered this sale tonight while shopping at my local Barnes and Noble, and although I already own many of their editions, there were still a few titles that I desired to own. I bought five, one being a children's edition which is not included in the sale. My total was $67.41, saving $18.00 through the sale offer (which is like getting one book free!), and saving a additional $9.00 through my member card. This is a steal on these beautiful leather bound editions. I will post my book haul shortly.

Barnes and Noble leather bound editions - Buy one get one half off

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