Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Book Review of "172 Hours on the Moon" by John Harstad

I considered this as junk food for the brain while reading it. Nothing that I took remotely serious, but found to be mildly entertaining in a sense. It started off as what I would consider a two star rating, a long introduction to the three main characters was basically what the first 150 to 200 pages consisted of. All of which were incredibly flat, and I couldn't bring myself to care if any of them lived or died. Having 150 to 200 pages to develop said characters sure didn't make much of a difference. Things became a little more entertaining once the arrival on the moon happened, and things begin to happen. It was starting to raise in status from a two star rating, to a three star rating. I still found myself annoyed at the whole stupidity of it however, the thought of NASA, or any parent for that matter, allowing teenagers to go to the moon. Despite being with trained, and experienced, astronauts, this is just not a reality, and would never happen. What was starting to become intriguing, quickly changed directions back towards suckyville. I was total unimpressed by the entire plot line. We got back down to two star rating again. And the ending? Took a complete plot twist, but one that in my opinion was worthy of flinging the book across the room ... but I didn't, because it was a library book ...

My Rating : **

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