Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Irrational Fear Of Book Extinction

In the era of the e-book, I have a irrational fear of the extinction of the physical book. I say irrational, because rationally I realize that the chances of the book ever being discontinued in the physical printing are next to none, and yet ... maybe, just maybe, someday this will take place. I will be ready for it when, and if, that day ever comes. Not mentally prepared, but physically prepared. This is where my obsessive behavior with owning and collecting books will be a blessing. I have my own personal library within the confines of my home. It is my comfort blanket, a security net if you will. As long as those titles that are of importance to me, are safely tucked into my library, all is well, and I can rest a little easier at night. Again, this is a irrational fear of a event that will in all chances, never take place, and yet ... there is a small spark of fear burrowed down deep inside of me. If books ever become obsolete, then I will no longer have any hope for the future of humanity. Did anyone read "Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury? Read it before you call me paranoid.

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