Monday, May 18, 2015

Book Review of "A Monster Calls" by Patrick Ness

"A Monster Calls" by Patrick Ness was heart wrenching, there is just no other words to describe it. A beautifully spun tale, masterfully told by the author. I am truly impressed. Impressed, and yet it greatly pained me to read the book. My own pain is too fresh, too raw, to handle Conor's pain and emotions as well, and this book just left me feeling sick with grief for him. I also felt, without wanting to give anything away, that this book also contained a religious aspect to it. It won't be apparent to all readers, but it's there. This book is deep on so many different levels.

My Rating : ****


  1. I have wanted to read this for such a long time. Now I definitely will keep it on my TBR list.

    1. I highly recommend it, Angie! I am not often impressed by young adult novels, nor even by more modern works, so you know that this one must be good! :)