Thursday, May 28, 2015

I Have A Confession To Make

It is confessional time. In a attempt to be a little more diverse in my reading material, to reach a wider range of readers, I decided to look into some more modern works of fiction. That called for a trip to my local public library. I have not been to the library for some time now, as I have so many unread books in my personal home library that outsourced material has become unnecessary. Now, despite merging some modern books into my reading regimen, I will not read books that hold no interest for me. So only books that genuinely grab my interest, and I am not opposed to discontinuation of a book that I am not enjoying. With this mind set, I found some adult fiction in the newly released section at the library that I will be reading and reviewing shortly, one of which I have already found to be disappointing (Mermaids in Paradise). I also found several young adult, and children's books, that grabbed my attention. Some of which are very popular books that I was interested in seeing what all of the hype was about, some deserving of it, and some not so much. I have already read and reviewed several of those books.

My confession being, that I have been enjoying many of these books. Which is not something to be ashamed of, but which rather surprises me to be honest. I will always hold the classics dear to my heart, and I will still continue to read and review them, but I will also continue to read, what I like to call, the easy reads. I forgot how easy it is to finish a book in one sitting! It is all about the right books folks.

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