Saturday, August 8, 2015

August 2015 Shelfie

As you can see my bookshelves are filling in a little more as time goes by. I do not however have the shelves organized to my satisfaction. Every time that I purchase more books the shelves require being re-organized, and some shelves just look ... awkward. The middle bookcase is for the most part left as it is, only the bottom shelf is not entirely satisfactory. The bookcase on the right is satisfactory except for the fourth shelf, second to the bottom. This is currently my 'odd height' books and it doesn't exactly look neat and orderly. And the third bookcase, the bookcase on the far left ... this is my odds and ends bookcase at the moment. This is where the "It doesn't fit in with any of my other books" books go ... the perfectionist in me is screaming inside.

Now that you guys saw that all too real scary side of me ...

It will get there ... I will make all the books match if it kills me!

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