Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Did We Even Read The Same Book?!

I follow a lot of fellow book lovers through Goodreads and Booktube, these readers for the most part share my tastes when it comes to books. We read a lot of the same genres, titles, authors, subject matter, etc, but more often then not we all have slightly different opinions on those books. Some books are gushed about by my bookish acquaintances whist I find myself disliking them, some books that are gushed about by moi are not so highly seen by some of my bookish acquaintances, and some books, why some books we just completely and utterly agree upon.

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I find it fascinating how readers are so widely diverse in their reading tastes. Some books speak to their readers while other books aren't even bothered to utter a sound, every book telling each of their readers a separate story meant only for their minds. It is as if every reader is reading a different book despite the fact that it is the exact same title. And although I try to respect other peoples opinions, sometimes the phrase "Did we even read the same book?!" attempts to escape before I quickly reel it back in again. This happens most often with my man, J.R.R. Tolkien. Half of my book people are on team Tolkien, the other half classify it as words that I won't even repeat here because they are so undeserving of the books. I do love to hear peoples thoughts and opinions on books however, even if I don't always fully agree with what they are saying. We as readers are all unique.

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