Sunday, August 23, 2015

I Won't Be Making That Mistake Again

I placed a book order with Barnes and Noble about a week ago, this was a decent sized order consisting of seven books. Normally Barnes and Noble is fairly quick with the time frame that it takes them to process and ship out my book order, typically in about one or two days time and then received at my house in another three days time following that, my order taking roughly five to six days total from the time that I place it. I have a Barnes and Noble membership which costs $25.00 a year but well worth every penny as you receive discount codes and coupons, and free unlimited, no maximum purchase required, express shipping. Well days went by and no progress was made on my order being processed, so finally looking into it, being the impatience kind of person that I am, I very soon realized that one of the books that I had placed on my book order wasn't due to be released until September 1st 2015. I knew this at the time of purchase but I figured that I would just receive my order in two separate packages. Well no, apparently I won't be receiving  any books from my entire order until the release date of that book ... I did not know this. Having free unlimited express shipping I would have just simply placed two separate orders so I wouldn't have had to wait so long for the rest of my books. I won't be making that mistake again. Never mind the fact that I probably won't be reading any of the books in that order until the month of September, I want them now!

I want my precious!

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