Sunday, September 6, 2015

Author Disappointments

I just posted a book review that I feel closely discusses this issue, but I wanted to further discuss it in its own post.

I have heard some people say that they almost have a fear of starting a new book because they are scared that it is going to disappoint them. One part of me wants to call them insane because how can your reading life even function in this manner, while the other part of me is slowly starting to have the same fears.

I recently read a book by what I used to consider as a favorite author of mine. I read one of his books and I loved it so much that I proceeded to purchase the four paperback boxed set of that series as well as his most recent two hardcover editions to a trilogy. I felt safe in doing so because I now considered him as one of my favorite writers. Upon reading the first book to this trilogy of his I was dismayed to discover that his writing wasn't anything like his writing from his other series, the one that I love so greatly. The difference was so disbelieving that I very nearly had to do a double take and check the authors name on the book just to be sure that it was indeed the same guy.
This got me thinking on two different things. The first being that you won't necessary enjoy all of the books that a certain author produces, as horrible as that thought is ... and the second being that I have noticed a slight hesitation when it comes to reading unread books on my bookshelves, because I do worry that I won't like them. The hype gets your expectations up so high that sometimes the fall back down can be crushing.

I will read the books even if they do crush and destroy my dreams in the process.

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