Saturday, September 19, 2015

September 2015 Updated Library Tour And Shelfie

Since my last library tour and shelfie I have bought a lot of books, unhauled a lot of books, reorganized, and redesigned, so here is a updated batch of pictures for you guys! In a attempt to make my library feel more warm and inviting I placed a map of middle earth above my bookshelves as well as placed this beautiful map of middle earth tapestry on my wall. Getting my nerd on as well as bringing a nice flow to the room, its a win win. Next I would like to get a small electric potbelly stove for the room as well as possibly find a small reading chair to create a reading nook complete with a small end table and tabletop lamp. Maybe a small little fuzzy area rug. Heaven.
And here is a closeup on my shelves. Difficult to fit the entire bookcase in the shot but I wanted to get closer so you can better see the titles.

Updated book count: My last book count was 239 physical books, and 282 book titles (book titles because my Barnes and Noble editions are often multiple books in one). I now own 231 physical books and 302 titles. 

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