Sunday, September 27, 2015

Waiting For The Next Release In A Series

Guys, I'm sure that we have all related to this subject at least once as a reader, some of us series readers much more frequently then others. Waiting for the next release in a book series.

One part of me enjoys discovering already completed book series so that I can marathon right through the series without having to wait for each of the books to be published, the other part of me kind of enjoys the excitement and anticipation that comes with the wait.

Regardless if you are one or the other, or perhaps both such as myself, this brings me to my question. If reading a series do you typically reread all of the formerly released books in that series in order to bring yourself up to date before each new book is released? For myself I would have to say that it really all depends on the circumstances. Some authors are very proficient in their writing, managing to release one to two new books each year. If that be the case then I usually don't feel the need to reread a entire series before the next is due to be released as I have a fairly good memory and retain most of the important information that one needs to know. If however a certain author takes longer to publish a book then I may feel the desire to refresh myself by rereading the series.

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