Saturday, September 19, 2015

Book Depository Book Unboxing/Haul | September 2015

I was impatiently awaiting this book order from Book Depository. Because Book Depository is located in the UK books ordered through there will take much longer to arrive through the mail, but guys I highly recommend them! Their prices are about the same as our prices here is the US, they offer free world wide shipping, and it is the opportunity to obtain some of these stunning UK editions that you just can't get here. I opted to buy these UK paperback editions because our editions just aren't very pretty. This is my second book order through them and I continue to be pleased with them each time. The books arrive wrapped very carefully in bubble wrap, and I haven't had any damaged books yet. This first picture features the first two books in "The Stormlight Archive" by Brandon Sanderson. These books are massive and have been split into two parts each, hence the four books. The first book is "The Way of Kings" part one and part two, and the second book is "Words of Radiance" part one and part two. I have not yet read any Brandon Sanderson, but fantasy is probably one of my favorite book genres and all fantasy readers rave about him as a author, his books are considered some of the best out there.
These next two books are from the "Reckoners" series by Brandon Sanderson. The first book in the series being "Steelheart", and the second being "Firefight".  I did not realize that there was a size difference between the two when I purchased them ...  still amazingly beautiful but now they don't match *pout*

I adore these editions! The cover art is gorgeous and they look great on your bookshelves. I am really looking forward to delving into the world of Brandon Sanderson, I hear nothing but good when it comes to his abilities as a writer and the magical worlds that he creates.

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