Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Venturing Away From A Book Genre

A reader's tastes in books are never completely set in stone. Maturing, developing, and changing throughout the course of their reading life. Shifting also based on mood.

I have never personally developed a taste for several book genres and at this point and time in my life I feel fairly comfortable in stating that I probably never will. Those genres would be romance, chick-lit, non fiction, and contemporary. My genres of choice being fantasy, science fiction, and adult fiction/classical literature.

I did recently venture back into the young adult genre earlier this year after having not read any for several years. Although I enjoyed the ride I do remember now why it is that I had originally ventured away from this genre the first time around. The books are typically repetitive with little to no originality, the cast of characters are too young for me to find relatable, the writing is usually dumbed-down, and dare I say not very good ... going from the young adult genre back to the adult genre there is a significant difference in the reading experience. A difference that I can appreciate. Now, I am not bunching all young adult into this category, just the majority. I have vastly enjoyed some YA authors, Sarah J. Maas, Patrick Ness, and Victoria Aveyard to name a few of my favorites. These authors are all labeled as being young adult but truthfully their writing abilities far surpass other young adult authors that I have read. I think of their books more as 'new adult'. I will never stop reading young adult altogether because there are some gems mixed in with the trash, and thankfully I have no issue with starting a book and not finishing it as this will allow me to more quickly shift through the ones that I don't want to read. But at this point I feel weary of the genre and I feel myself venturing away from it. I'll stick with the authors that I have discovered, but I hesitate to try out any new ones at this time as I have been disappointed with the last few books that I have read so far this month. I feel a lot of adult fantasy in the reading forecast for the coming months.

Have you ever gotten sick of a certain genre? Did you take a break from it and found that you enjoyed it again once going back to it? Or did you venture away from it permanently?

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