Sunday, September 6, 2015

"The 5th Wave" by Rick Yancey

Have you ever read a book by a certain author, loved that authors writing style and skill so greatly that you immediately went seeking for more books by that author only to be incredible disappointed and letdown? This generally doesn't happen to me but it did just recently which is what brought about this entire review. I read "The Monstrumologist" by Rick Yancey, and I loved it, five stars kind of loved it. His writing was stunning, he really captured the gothic atmosphere making his book feel like "Dracula" or "Frankenstein" in that dark chilling way, his story was horrifying and attention capturing. I was completely sold on his ability as a writer, buying not only his four book "Monstrumologist" series, but also buying "The 5th Wave" and "The Infinite Sea" in hardcover editions. How could I go wrong on this author? Oh how terribly wrong I was to assume, because we all know what they say about assuming. I started reading "The 5th Wave" a few days ago ... and I nearly had to check and make sure that this book was indeed written by Rick Yancey as it just felt so wrong in oh so many ways. The writing was so different from his previous writing, and not in a good way. I know that you can write better then this Rick! The whole premise of the book has just been overdone as a whole at this point in the young adult genre, that should of made me leery in itself, but it's the author of "The Monstrumologist" that we are talking about! I trusted him! The Monstrumologist was dark, gory, a little violent, but fairly clean cut for the most part. No swearing or sexual content. The 5th Wave however had a surprising amount of crude and vulgar language, in the sense that there was multiple swear words on each page. Sexual content also existing. There was also a slightly disturbing relationship happening ... borderline stalker creepiness.

Another thing that I have realized that I don't like in books is the use of modern terminology. Facebook, twitter, snapchat, YouTube, etc. I am sure that this is just a personal issue of mine, but I really don't enjoy this modernism use of words in the books that I am reading. I enjoy reading about futuristic worlds but what I don't like making a appearance is Facebook.

This book was also incredible predictable to the point that you know exact what was going on even before the characters did.

Like I said, I bought this book as well as the sequel, so despite not enjoying it from the very first chapter on-wards I was forcing myself to read it because of that mere fact alone. Finally, two hundred and thirty four pages in I gave up on it. I was half way through and I just couldn't do it any longer. I wanted to like this book so badly that I had a hard time giving up on it. I see that fans of this first book aren't exactly fans of the second book ... so what does that say for my chances?! I learned a hard lesson today and it stings.

My Rating: 3 Stars - Did not finish

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