Monday, September 14, 2015

"Falling Kingdoms" by Morgan Rhodes

The "Falling Kingdoms" series by Morgan Rhodes has been referred to as being Game of Thrones for young adults. I can't really disagree with that observation, but the resemblance however was not the reason as to why I wasn't very impressed by this book. It was the young adult aspect to this book that felt distasteful to me. This was the authors first attempt at writing fantasy and it shows. I wanted so badly to like this series that it felt like I spent more time trying to tell myself that I was enjoying it rather then actually enjoying it. It wasn't horrendous by any means, it just didn't fit my definition of what fantasy is. When I was a teenager I wasn't reading young adult fantasy, I was reading adult high fantasy and epic fantasy and this just doesn't equal the quality of those. I grow weary of the young adult genre in general and this book has just reinforced my recent distaste. The young cast of characters, the dumbed-down narration. I have stumbled across a few young adult series that have completely blown me away, but sadly this was not one of them.

The disturbing feelings that one particular brother has for his sister was very off putting to say the least.

Now I can't only call out the negatives and not mention the positive aspects. I did like the way that Rhodes had all of her characters lives intersection throughout the book, and the relationships that she had developed between them. This is a decent read, just not one that comes with my highest recommendations.

My Rating: 3.5 Stars

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