Sunday, September 20, 2015

"Ready Player One" by Ernest Cline

I didn't know very much about this book before going into it other then that it is widely known and beloved by a wide verity of readers, especially in the gamer and geek community. It is easy to see why once you've dipped your toes into it.

It is the year 2044 and the world has become a ugly place. Poverty, unemployment, hunger, homelessness, is at an all time new high. People escape their reality by turning to the OASIS, a  free virtual utopia that offers them a getaway from their real life and offers them something more, and better, then what life itself does.

Halliday, the creator and owner of OASIS is now dead. In his Will he states that he has created a game within OASIS and that the winner will win the rights to OASIS and his vast fortune, leaving just one small clue to jump start the entire operation and ultimately win the prized egg. As you can believe, all players immediately set out to play the game. Years go by and no one has made any progress, a lot of the players having given up but some have made it a profession of theirs, studying Halliday and making it a goal of theirs to read, play, watch, and listen to anything that he did in the hopes that it would hold a clue. These players are called Gunters (egg hunters). Our character Wade has devoted his life to this game.

Some desire to win the game for not the prize money but control of OASIS, and wouldn't hesitate to cheat, or even kill, to achieve these means.

I was born just on the cusp of the 90's so although I didn't get a lot of the references to video games, music, and movies throughout the book I still found it to be immensely fascinating. The references that I did get took me back to my early childhood and were delightful.

At one point in the book I was beginning to dislike most, if not all, of the characters contained within the book but by the time that I found myself parting with them I could understand their character development much better, and therefore understood them better.

Bottom line? I freaking loved this book. It wasn't like anything that I have ever read before.

My Rating: 4.75 Stars

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