Thursday, September 10, 2015

Book Series - The Perks And The Downfalls

The perks of book series -

We all know that there are perks to book series, otherwise we wouldn't be reading them. A series is able to become more fleshed out then your typical stand alone. The character development and the world building is often most noticeable. There is more possibility for stronger characters that we are able to get to know through extended books and we often become very attached to them in the process, and the world building can be quite phenomenal. A talented writer can have the same results in a stand alone, but a series can offer so much more. There is something magical about returning to a world that has been created and that of which you already know and love, our previously acquainted characters welcoming us back into their lives.

The much anticipated release of a new book to a series. First you await the official announcement, then you await the title release, the release date, and the cover design. Once the publication date has been set you then eagerly count down to the big day. It's like being a child at Christmas time.

The downfalls of book series - 

There can be a negative to any book form, these are just my personal opinions of the cons of book series.

I find myself beginning a lot of book series but not finishing them. This has become a problem and one that didn't use to exist for me. I used to typically marathon a entire book series regardless of how many books it contained or how large the books were. Now, it has nothing to do with whether I liked the book or not but rather it being more of a issue of there being too many other books that I desire to read as well. It is merely a time constraint. The popular phrase of "Too many books and so little time" has never been truer. I have begun a lot of series that I need/want to finish. So there is obviously a time commitment when reading a book series.

The other one? As exciting and as thrilling as the anticipated book release is, there is a very real possibility that you may have forgotten some of the plot by the time of the next books release date unless you plan on rereading the entire series in order to refresh yourself on it. Or it could very well end at a cliffhanger, making you wait a entire year or possibly longer ... causing you to go into a depression in the meantime.

Book series are terrific, and they will probably be the death of me.

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